Val D'isere 27/01 - 03/02 - 2001

We, Morten my brother and I went frome Gardermoen Airport with Plane at 10.20 Saturdag morning. Since we both had been partying the hole night we thought it best to go directly to Gardermoen insted of go to bed and hope that we would wake up in time. Video Clips and Pictures and more information will come in due time.


Here are some Starters....

Hercules, This picture are on the a damwall right above a city with the nickname "Tree second village"
La Grande Motte is the mountain u can se in the back, the peak of the mountain is at 3656 meters, the point i'm standing at here are "only" on aprox 3300 meters. So the air is thin and u get breath needy quickly when u do some activity
In the senter of the picture u can se me enyoing myself. This day we had a picnic up int he mountains and i had a Great time.
The lunch og Picknic was arranged by Lanley Travell witch was the travell agency we went to Val D'isere with, nothing bad to say about them at all. I realy enjoyed myself.
This Couple we met on day we where out eating. They keept on bugging us the rest of the week, no matter where we went we bumt in to each other. test1.mpg